How to slow the breakdown of Collagen

We hear a lot about boosting Collagen but what does it mean?
Collagen is the main structural protein within our skin and gives volume and support to its cells. The passing of time and environmental factors such as sun exposure, stress and pollution can break down collagen which results in the skin appearing thinner and less firm.
Here are some tips on how you can slow the breakdown of collagen and keep your skin looking younger for longer.
  • Applying SPF each day will protect the skins collagen from damage and destruction.
  • Eat a diet rich in antioxidants to help protect against free radicals
  • Reducing your stress level is good for your skin all round, elevated stress hormones can have a devastating impact on collagen and impair its production.
  • Quit smoking - Smoking degrades the building blocks of your skin, triggering the destruction of collagen and elastin fibres.
  • Switch up your skincare regime by adding the active ingredients that will support your collagen synthesis. We love the following -
Retinol - stimulates the fibroblasts to synthesize collagen fibres.
AHA’s - Increase collagen synthesis within the skin.
Vitamin C and E - both are hardworking antioxidants and are even more effective when combined. These antioxidants help protect the collagen against UV damage by balancing the unstable molecules that reduce our natural collagen and elasticity.
Peptides – act as messaging agents to the skin to generate collagen and elastin
Hyaluronic Acid – stimulates skin to produce collagen
These are the preparations that we recommend that encorporate these active ingredients however if you would like personalised skincare advice please get in touch.