The benefits of using professional-grade skincare

Using professional-grade skincare products can be a game changer, here's why;

  • They are made in smaller batches, allowing for better quality control.
  • The quality and percentage of active ingredients is higher
  • They are usually formulated by specialists who have an understanding of the skin and it's functions
  • The products specifically address different types of skin conditions
  • They contain pH-balanced ingredients to support and protect the skin's protective barrier
  • The products don't contain additives such as synthetic colours or preservatives such as parabens

The drawbacks of over-the-counter skincare is that mass production is the primary goal, resulting in the inclusion of more preservatives to ensure they can withstand manufacturing and shipping durations. They also have a tendency to sit on shelves for extended periods, consequently over-the-counter products generally have a lower concentration of active ingredients to cater for a wider audience. 

The Regentiv preparations have been formulated with Harley Street Skin Specialist Elaine Thornhill and are made with precision and care in our laboratory in the UK.  All of our specialist skincare preparations are cruelty free and vegan friendly, combining the best quality ingredients to give you the optimum results for your skin.