CJ skinheath

We are incredibly proud to have been the first skincare brand to develop a range directly with a team of athletes, taking their needs, wants, and feedback into consideration at every step during the development process. 

We found that not only do athletes endure significant damage to their skin from the elements, but adrenaline, stress hormones and androgens can cause blocked pores, increased oiliness and sebum production, and increase blood flow to the skin causing rashes and redness, which all contribute to acne prone skin and breakouts. Our unique products are designed to tackle all of these issues efficiently and effectively. 

CJ Skinhealth has over 40 years of skin expertise. Our products are carefully created with our Harley street professionals and elite athletes to give you exactly what your skin needs to support it through its challenging routine of training, recovering, and living day to day. 

No matter your level, all people with active lifestyles require the best performing products to help them look, feel and perform their best. 

Removing the need for a complex routine our innovative three-step skin solution has been formulated for skin that faces the unique challenges of living an active lifestyle;

- It can be applied quickly and easily, both at home and on the go. 
- It’s robust, stylish and convenient to store in your kit bag as well as on your bathroom shelf.
- Most importantly, it works.

Our preparations are Cruelty free, paraben free and vegan friendly.

Our products have been carefully created and put through the hardest of extremes by top athletes and those with busy, demanding lives.

Don't just take our word for it though... we asked a selection of athletes what they thought of our products, and their honest feedback and continued support is our greatest asset - Here is what they say