The harmony of science and nature

Combining a harmony of advanced science and nature ~ Regentiv has become one of the world's finest skin care collections. Working with leading Harley Street Skin Specialists the Regentiv Laboratories have created unique formulations, incorporating the active ingredients that deliver the best possible results for your skin.

Retinol - DMAE - Hyaluronic Acid - Aloe Vera- Vitamins - Peptides

Your skin changes not only throughout the year but with the passing of time and every day stress. Offering a dedicated, bespoke and personalised service is our pleasure. Never the hard sell, only recommending what’s right for you.
Many celebrities use our preparations because they love them, not because they are paid to.

Reviewed as "one of skincare's best kept secrets" our most frequently received compliment is "my skin has never looked better".

Personal skin care advice and continuing monitored help is always available either by telephoning 01923 212555 or you can contact one of our specialists via live chat or the contact page.

Our mission is to keep you happy with yourself, and us. Yours always, Regentiv.

For the most hypersensitive skins,  Regentiv does not use papabens.

Regentiv do not use raw materials or ingredients derived from or tested upon animals.