Sarah A. The products are amazing, they smell great (like holiday), they last a few months, the bottles keep the contents cool so there refreshing to use. I'm someone thats always broken out in spots so I have to be careful with what products I use however CJ skinhealth has kept my spots at bay without feeling harsh on the skin like other products I’ve previously used. I love that the cream has a good sunfactor as a lot of good creams don’t (so there rubbish when your an outdoor person) 

Harriet F. The best investment I have ever made for my skin. Seriously incredible cleansing and moisturizer products. So happy to have found CJ. Will use for years.

Stephanie H. I absolutely love CJ Skinhealth products - my skin looks much better & healthier with less outbreaks and the Cleanser as well as the Moisturiser feel & smell amazing! I can highly recommend it!!

Cornell G. Excellent product ready to use on the go

Walter D.The product has very good smell and texture for pre or after shower. Don’t know about long term results, but so far so good 

Amy T. Absolutely love this product. I spend a lot of time in the pool or our getting sweaty and i normally have an horrid combination of dry skin that breaks out a lot. Since using CJ Skinhealth my skin is so clear! It also feels so soft and hydrated all day. This is a fantastic product and i will be buying it again and again and again.

Bethany G. An absolute game changer. It's so nice to be able to only use 2 products but still get the benefits of a full skincare routine. The products feel great on my skin and I think they're very well priced for the quality. Being able to use it without water is very handy too for post-training!

Florian. I have to admit it's awesome! I really like it! I had almost all weather conditions to test with rainy days but also hot sunny days and no matter what weather it's just nice! And the fact the the Enhance & Protect is also sunscreen is even better 👏

Peter B. As someone who has crazy sensitive skin, is needing to be seen, and is constantly outdoors and in the sun, having high quality skin products prevents me from looking worn and unhealthy! CJ Skinhealth ticks all the boxes for me and I can't recommend the products highly enough! Pav Bryan (Coach Pav) Coaching cyclists from those looking to enter their first event through to those like Mark Beaumont and James Lowsley-Williams. Pav became a published author in 2019, with my #1 Amazon New Release book 'The Guide to Truly Effective Cycling'.

Francesca C.  So excited for this new sustainable packaging! These products are amazing for my skin, and now amazing for the planet too. Win-win.

Lucy T. This has become my go to moisturiser; it stays on during sport, is really light to wear and not greasy at all. Plus the added bonus of SPF so no sunscreen needed on top! As someone with sensitive skin that flares up at most new products this has never given me an adverse reaction. Great customer service too, highly recommend this product.

Jay S. Love the products. Not greasy at all and the packaging seems really robust!

Dr H. I love the product. It has a subtle refreshing fragrance but it doesn't irritate my skin and it doesn't feel greasy.