At Regentiv we are taking steps towards keeping our earth cleaner. Technology is continually improving and we are committed to playing a positive part towards a more sustainable future. 

We send our orders complete to avoid multiple packages and we manufacture within the United Kingdom to use the minimum carbon possible. 

Over a decade ago we discontinued the use of outer boxes for our preparations to save packaging waste.  

Some of our containers are already accepted for recycling and we will strive to improve this as part of our commitment to sustainability. 

These items will be accepted by most councils with your usual kerbside collection.
Cleanser and Lotion Bottles
White and clear pots/jars shives and spatulas

Body product bottles

We can recycle the following items for you via Terracycle, please get in touch to find out more - Or send them to us and we will take care of the rest. 
Airless pumps, 

Silver/Gold pumps and lids

We use Zero Waste Box™️ by Terracycle ⓒ who break down the materials into small granules that are then transformed into new products.