We are regularly featured in the top magazines and many of our customers have been kind enough to let us know how they are enjoying the results of the preparations.

After reading all these wonderful reviews I thought I'd order a few bits to see what all the hype is about. I have bought the Neck and Decollete Rejuvenation and it is just a pot of heaven. Not only does it smell lovely but it actualy did smooth out the crepey skin (caused by sun damage) on my chest area. I am using the Super Serum and Hyaluronic Active aswell and I am extremely delighted with the results.
Mrs S. Hertfordshire

I have tried so many acne products over a couple of years now and there is absolutely nothing that compares to the Problematic Regime Regentiv has to offer. Within a couple of weeks my skin has improved so much and it's now a few months later and even the scarring is fading. My teenage daughter started using it resently and we were all amazed at how her skin improved after only 2 weeks. I have gained a boost of confidence and would definitley recommend everyone who suffers with this problem to try these products. Mrs C, Windsor

I purchased the 30ml Regentiv Specialist Serum after reading a recent magazine review. Usually I don't make purchases on the basis of magazine advertising, however this product was recommended for all types of skin issues, and having tried a wide range of things in the past for mild acne and acne scarring, I thought I had nothing to lose as I was getting really frustrated with the lack of long-term solutions. Product was well-packaged & delivered promptly, and in my view, it is worth every penny. After just one week of using the serum on my face, I noticed a huge difference; scars began to visibly fade, my skin looked brighter and healthier, and also felt softer and less irritated, as it often has done with adult acne. Now, having used the product for about 6 weeks, my adult breakouts of acne have ceased completely; I've had no new spots since using the serum, and previous scarring is now barely noticeable. I couldn't be happier with the results, and feel so much more confident without needing heavy make-up to cover up blemishes.

To say it's a Super Serum is an understatement - My face and neck feels so much firmer and I have just received a great compliment that I'm looking younger! I have tried umpteen different products in the past - this is the first that has made a difference. Also amazing service from Regentiv - I ordered it in the morning and got it the very next day. Fantastic. Ms S, Dorset

This product REALLY WORKS. I felt the difference in my skin after just a couple of days. Having tried many other skin preparations I will be staying with Regentiv from now on, they've got it right. A bit of a well kept secret I'm telling everyone I know and like about it! Can't wait to try the rest of the range, a real find.                        Mrs B, Buckinghamshire

A truly magical Super Serum, a courteous, polite and totally professional company.
Mrs D. Cambridge

Thank you, I still love your Specialist Serum after all these years.
Mrs H, Spain

I ordered your money saving regime a month ago and I can honestly say my skin has never looked better. Miss F. Twickenham

I am really delighted, my skin is much clearer and smoother, a result I never thought possible. Mr G, London

I have a bathroom overflowing with products but I must say The Specialist Serum and neck cream are magnificent and beat anything else on the market.
Mrs W, Ascot

A fantastic range of products, I couldn't live without my Specialist Serum.
Dr K, London