3 Skincare habits that will transform your skin

There is a lot of different advice with regards to skincare do’s and don'ts but if you want 3 simple key daily habits to adopt for younger looking, flawless skin then read on….

1.Double cleanse… by cleansing twice you will ensure that you have thoroughly removed all traces of make-up, dirt and pollutants that have built up on your skin throughout the day. If not removed they can lead to blocked pores, a dull complexion, blackheads and spots. It also gives you the perfect base for your skincare products to work to their best ability. Take a look at our cleansing options here

2. Ingredients matter…getting those active ingredients to the depths of your skin makes all the difference and a serum is the best way to get them there. Some Ingredients that give transforming results and ones to incorporate into your daily routine are – Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C&E.

3. Always wear sunscreen... How your skin ages is 90% linked to Sun exposure. The suns rays are always there, even on cloudy days and can reach your skin through windows too. Use a daily moisturiser that contains sunscreen to safeguard your skin from UV induced skin damage and premature ageing. Always aim to keep you face out of extreme direct sunlight.

Our philosophy at Regentiv is that prevention is better than cure, although lines are a normal part of getting older that doesn’t mean you can’t improve their appearance to make you feel more confident 😊