6 Brilliant ways to use your Toner

Toners can be used in so many ways, here are 6 ways to use your toner that are super effective for your skin.


1. After cleansing your toner will remove any last traces of impurities and restore the ph. balance of your skin. Regentiv toners also have specific ingredients that target concerns, which is why we call them treatment lotions as they have a specific job to do.


2.Reviving your skin in the morning - for a quick, easy way to cleanse in the morning toning lotions are a great way to refresh and revive the skin.


3. To add hydration to the skin- apply your toner and head straight into applying your serum and moisturiser whilst the skin is still wet. Doing so will optimise their penetration and improve hydration.


4. As a treatment mask- the perfect DIY mask. Apply your toner to cotton pads and lay them over the skin as you would a sheet mask, allowing the toners ingredients to penetrate your skin. For example, Problematic Skin Lotion has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties for skins that suffer blockages and breakouts.


5. As a mid-cleanse for the times in the day when you don't want to delve into your full morning or evening routine. For example, when exercising or to manage an oily t-zone.


6. As a refreshing mist- one of the best feelings on a warm day. Decant your toner into a mist bottle and take with you wherever you go. This is the perfect way to refresh, diminish skin flushing or freshen up your make-up.