Anti - Ageing?

Who relishes the thought of getting old? With the advent of each coming year, once the “life begins at 40” syndrome has started, conscious and unconscious thoughts are so often – “why can’t we turn back the clock?” “I don’t feel my age”

If there is such wisdom to be acquired by the ageing process, why do we not welcome it? What is the stigma of middle age, let alone old age? Why are there Dorian Greys seeking eternal youth? A simple diagnose would be that 99.9% of us would not mind in the least the prospect of advancing years with mental agility guaranteed, if and this is a big if, they did not look their age!

It’s the lines, wrinkles, sagging skin that is the big negative factor. I defy any man or woman who is being totally honest to say that they have no objection to baggy eyes, a hanging jowl line, mottled skin, and thinning hair. There are those that say, “you must grow old gracefully” and “accept every line with a smile,” I do not disagree with this if it can be coupled with giving the ageing process a jolly good fight. If you want to prevent the inevitable, then you are in step with – let’s say – the majority. 

The onset of lines and wrinkles is attributed to age but there are numerous exterior influences which determine how progressive premature lining becomes apparent.

Exposure to sunlight- the overindulgence of unfavourable foods – smoking – the taking of a little too much alcohol, stress, and general health.

Loss of moisture within the cellular structure plays a larger role. The theory behind many leading ranges of cosmetics is to ply the skin with as many products as possible, with the intention pf preventing moisture loss and protection from the environment. Unfortunately, it can lead to an over loading of excessive saturation of the skins cells the results of which is not a diminishing of lines but the accumulations of a sluggish complexion, puffy skin tissue around the eye area and possible sensitivity.

The choice of skincare preparations has never been greater. Cosmetics vary, as do quality and price. The selection of which can be extremely confusing. So often the questions I am asked “What is the best range to choose” “why after using a cleanser for two weeks am I still getting spots” “why my skin is dry when I always use a moisturiser” “why I wake up with puffy eyes’ and perhaps the biggest cry of all that has someone gone along to a beauty counter, purchased an extortionate number of products only to find that within a few weeks their skin far from improving, seems to be developing even more problems.

What in fact we need to do is to look at each skin individually and educate the balance and cellular structure – re-establishing its own capability to deal with individual problems. For example, premature lining is is caused by dehydration (loss of moisture) of the skin tissue. With the use of correctly balanced preparations, it is possible to retrain the skins capabilities to hold on to its own moisture content.

A second example is that of reddened highly sensitive skin that can tolerate only the mildest skincare and very little, if any make up. It requires a regimen that contains antihistamine qualities which desensitise, reduce high colour, and enables greater care to be given in the prevention of any form of deterioration. 

The philosophy and approach should be to deal with the problem, not just suppress the condition. With regards to the treatment and control of acne, this unique approach allows even the severest acne condition to be controlled, with treatment of the long-term effect of acne scarring, which is often so distressing.

I always recommend combining preparations that build up skin texture and appearance especially encouraging a faster healing when a patient has undergone any form of surgery. The suture lines respond far more quickly.  (See The Specialist Serum and Hyaluronic Active)

From the control of acne, to repairing damaged skin tissue, diminishing lines and wrinkles Regentiv have turned their attention to ensure all skin types could be given the maximum care. Sensitive skins de sensitised, sluggish cellular systems given a new luminosity, oiliness and open pores reduced.  The superior quality and concept of not surprising a problem but the long-term approach to treating it has given the Regentiv preparations their high reputation.

Therefore, with the availability of these exclusive preparations to deal with problems that most of us are faced by at one time in our lives, turning back the clock need not be a dream.

Written by Elaine Thornhill, Harley Street Skin Specialist. Elaine has been helping patients to improve the way they look and feel about themselves for over thirty years. Elaine performs specialist skin treatments and works with highly skilled specialist registered FRCS Surgeons to offer the very best cosmetic treatments.