Foot care tips for Winter

The colder days are drawing in and we find ourselves gradually moving towards socks and boots, (where our feet will stay for several months). Think of Autumn and Winter as great time of year to get your feet back in tip top condition.

💅 Take a break from nail polish by making the most of toes not being constantly on display. Nail polish is not particularly healthy for toenails so if you can't go without, try a lighter shade with a less intense pigment.

🦶Exfoliate weekly, use a file over the dry skin areas like the heels and apply an exfoliant over the entire the foot area. For an at home treatment follow on from a soak in the bath by applying a moisture rich nourishing cream. Apply a thick layer and then cotton socks to allow time for cream to absorb fully.

🧦Avoid exposing cold feet to direct heat as this can cause chilblains. Instead take off your socks and massage with moisturiser to improve circulation then apply fresh, warm socks. It is always best to choose socks made from natural fibres such as wool or cotton which keep feet warm whilst allowing them to breathe at the same time. For those that spend long periods of time on their feet this is especially important. 

🚴‍♀️When exercising- sport specific socks will help avoid blistering, chaffing and excessive sweating. Get the sizing right too as bulking of socks in trainers will create cuts and blisters. 

👟👢Alternate the type of footwear you wear so that the pressure on your feet it dispersed evenly. Completely flat footwear can cause our feet to arch, similarly heels place pressure on different areas so its always good to vary the choice to avoid hyperkeratosis, corns and calluses.

🫧 Keeping your feet regularly clean - and drying them properly is key as fungal infections can begin in warm, damp conditions.

As we age the skin on our feet becomes thinner and requires more care and attention. As a regular at home foot treatment we recommend-

Exfoliate with Invigorating Exfoliant using a file on hard skin areas

Wash thoroughly with Deep Cleansing Face & Body Wash.

Apply a generous layer of Oxygenating Protecting Body Moisturiser - daily before going to bed to allow for optimum absorption.