Carmela Gordon~one of London's leading make-up artists

I have been using Regentiv products for nearly 10 years, both personally and professionally in my career as a makeup artist.
It was only natural for me to apply the Regentiv Skin Care range to my clients;  firstly, no-one ever believes my age due to my youthful skin (I celebrated turning 50 this year).
Secondly, I discovered that preparation of the skin prior to applying makeup is as important, if not more so, than the actual makeup itself.

My tried and tested regime is simple – I always cleanse my clients’ skin with SUPER CLEAN LOTION before applying THE SPECIALIST SERUM and HYALURONIC ACTIVE CREAM.  Recently, I have also discovered that the REVITALISING & FIRMING PRIMER creates an excellent base for makeup. Without exception, my clients tell me that their skin feels fantastic and not clogged and caked in makeup. Even more, their makeup lasts all day and into the night.

I cannot recommend this brand highly enough!

Carmella Gordon,
London Makeup Artist