Easy tips for Soft, Beautiful Hands

Our hands work harder than any other part of the body and have fewer sebaceous glands so it’s no wonder they are so vulnerable to showing signs of age. Exposure to the elements, outdoor activities such as golf and gardening or simply sitting enjoying the sunshine can all exacerbate age spots and dehydrate this fine textured skin so It’s vital that we take special care of our delicate skin.

Follow these simple but important steps to protect from future damage and see an immediate difference.

1) Always wear rubber gloves for household chores – products containing harsh chemicals are irritants and can leave your skin extremely dry and damaged.

2) Carry out a weekly exfoliating treatment – care for the skin on your hands as you would for your face. Exfoliating your hands will lift away dry, damaged cells leaving your skin vitalised and ready to absorb your creams more efficiently. Our Invigorating Exfoliant is perfect for the job with natural grains for gentle yet effective exfoliation. 

3) Always moisturise after washing your hands – warm skin absorbs nutrients more readily so it’s a good idea to have some to hand where you wash them most frequently. Keep some in your handbag too as some washrooms won’t have a good quality cream, if at all. 

4) When you apply your Serums, make sure to extend any residue from your fingers over the backs of your hands.

5) Always wear Sun protection - even in the winter, when driving your hands are especially exposed. Our Age Defying Hand Cream contains SPF20 to keep your skin protected.

6) Apply at bedtime- one of the best times to apply your hand cream, taking advantage of a relaxed skin to repair and hydrate apply a rich layer leaving the skin time to absorb.

Our Age Defying Hand Cream will nourish and hydrate the driest of skin without stickiness. Its gentle formula also has a combination of natural extracts to reduce freckles and age spots.