What is the best order to apply my preparations?

What is the best order to apply my preparations?  

We get asked this question quite frequently, so we hope these tips help. We are always happy to give you personalised advice so please get in touch if you would like guidance.

It’s important that you apply your products to a clean skin so start with cleansing and thorough removal of make-up. Follow with your toner- we refer to our toners as treatment lotions simply because they do so much more, however the application is still the same via a cotton pad. Treatment Lotions absorb rapidly allowing their active ingredients to work right away.

As a general rule apply the thinnest to thickest texture, for example – a treatment gel (if you are using one) such as Problematic Skin Gel or Calming & Desensitising Gel, followed by your Serum. These carry a lower molecular weight and are the best way to get those active ingredients to the depths of your skin to carry out their targeted function.

Allow about a minute for absorption and follow with eye cream or eye gel using your ring finger and pat gently in clockwise from the outer edge of the eye. Depending on the time of day your day or night cream comes next. Our day creams all contain SPF to safeguard your skin from the damaging effects of UV rays.

All other creams follow, for example neck cream, body cream and lastly your hand cream.