Treating and Preventing lines around the eyes

Fine lines under the eye area are usually the first ones to appear, it’s because the skin is so thin and delicate here. Our philosophy is that prevention is better than cure, although lines are a normal part of getting older that doesn’t mean you can’t improve on their appearance to make you feel more confident.

Here’s our top tips…

  1. Always wear sunscreen - UV rays are present even on cloudy days and they can reach your skin through windows too. Check out SPF Skincare
  1. Don't Smoke - Smoking is one of the biggest skin aging factors as it breaks exposes your skin to oxidative stress which breaks down collagen and elastin. Smoking also starves the skin of the nutrients that it needs to function efficiently.
  1. Wear Sunglasses- protect your eyes from squinting in the sun by choosing sunglasses that give 100 percent UV protection. Polarization also gives added protection as it reduces glare.
  1. Eat a healthy diet - getting the vitamins from your skincare is essential but what you put into your body is important too. There’s a strong link between a healthy diet and firm, youthful looking skin.
  1. Retinol-  there is some contradictory advice when it comes to applying retinol around the eyes, however it is safe to use retinol around the eyes so long as two points are considered, 1 - it is applied carefully and 2- the type of retinol used in a product. We use Retinyl palmitate within our Serums which has a gentler nature. When Retinyl Palmitate is applied your skins natural enzymes convert it to Retinol which gives the same results in a kinder process making it easier for the skin to tolerate.
  1. Moisturise-  don’t allow the skin to become dehydrated or dry as lines are always more visible on a dry skin. Also hydrate from within by drinking plenty of water. See our Moisturisers (all day creams have sunscreen)
  1. Be Gentle- being gentle with the eye area is so important. When applying any product around the eyes always use the ring finger as it applies less pressure. Never rub at your eyes or drag the skin when applying or removing make-up.

See our collection of Specialist Skincare preparations formulated for the the delicate skin around the eyes.