The effects of exercise on your skin

Increased oxygen and blood flow do a lot for our skin, some of it good and some bad. On the one hand it gives a brighter and healthier appearance (that post workout glow) however increased adrenaline, sweat, hormones and external aggressors can create activity related concerns especially if you exercise outdoors.

When we sweat the level of bacteria on the skin increases, this is because sweat actually attracts bacteria (it is the by-product of the bacteria living off our sweat that causes the odour). Hence why it is important to remove sweat from the skin as soon as you can, not only to prevent infection if you have abrasions but also to avoid breakouts.

Exercise, sport and enjoying outdoor activities puts many demands on the skin, whether you are out in the sun, in chlorine water, enduring harsh winds or suffering blisters and friction the skin requires special care.

  • The best way to begin exercise is with a clean, make-up free skin. Gym visits on lunch breaks and en route home can make this tricky so even if it is a quick cleanse to remove foundation its better than nothing.
  • Try not to touch your face during exercise, gym equipment can be a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Sweat is packed with salts that if left on the skin will irritate and can cause rashes. Cleansing right after exercise will remove pore blocking impurities, bacteria and salts that have risen to the skins surface. This is particularly key if you suffer with blocked pores, acne, rosacea, or sensitivity on the face, chest, back or where tight fitted clothing chafes.
  • Key minerals and vitamins are lost when we sweat, swimming pool chemicals, salt water, sun, wind, and exposure to the cold can all create long term damage, so you want to feed the skin with the ingredients it needs to keep healthy and hydrated whilst giving optimum protection. 
  • Sunscreen on your skin during exercise can be problematic. Heavy, thick creams can block your skin’s pores and if you are sweating, run into your eyes. A lot of sunscreens only contain SPF which is for the UVB burning rays. The UVA rays are the ageing rays that cause skin damage. Look for a cream that is non comedogenic with UVA and SPF protection.

Reduced access to water need not be a problem. ACTIVE CLEANSER can be used with or without water and just needs to be wiped off to take away the impurities that it lifts from the skin’s pores.

ENHANCE & PROTECT does a fantastic job treating and protecting your skin. It contains the nutrients that it needs to prevent damage and has SPF30 and UVAPF30 sunscreen that is non comedogenic and sweat proof meaning it does not run into the eyes when you sweat.