The effects of Winter on your skin

The reality of winter brings new challenges for our skin, chilly weather, central heating, change in lifestyle….the list goes on.

Whilst it’s tempting to up the heating, sit by a warm fire and take hot baths, heat like this can be severely damaging, stripping our skin of its natural oils and defenses.  Fortunately, you can avoid the perils of winter, whether its chapped, dry skin, flaring cheeks or exacerbated problematic acne, a good skincare routine will help you fight these problems.

Gentle cleansing

Ditch the make-up wipes, they’ll strip the moisture from your skin. Instead opt for a gentle cleanser that effectively removes your make-up and daily toxins without causing dryness. A great toner can also work wonders for sensitivity, choose a lotion that restores the PH balance of your skin, reduces redness or has an anti-inflammatory.

We recommend - Gentle Cleanser & Eye Make Up remover ~ The perfect Oxygenating and hydrating cleanser and eye make-up remover with pure Vitamin E and Shea butter.

Problematic Skin Lotion ~ formulated to prevent and alleviate breakouts of spots, anti-inflammatory formulation cools and soothes diminishing redness.

Regenerative AHA Lotion~ refreshes and revives the complexion, neutralising the PH level of the skin.

Repair - It’s important to make sure that your skin gets plenty of moisture as well as the essential nutrients for repair.  The most effective way to deliver these nutrients are via a serum as they contain smaller molecules and can penetrate the skin deeper. Choose a serum with both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which reduce redness and oxygenate the skin cells.  When you suffer a problematic acne skin, breakouts can be triggered by lack of oxygen and dryness that causes oil glands to over compensate, look for treatments that nurture your concerns as opposed to harsh, drying products. 

We recommend – The Specialist Serum~ diminish the signs of ageing and improve overall skin tone and appearance with retinyl palmitate, vitamin E and natural Aloe Vera a potent skin healer.

Calming & Desensitising Gel~ formulated to sooth and calm inflamed and reddened skin to alleviate hypersensitivity.

Problematic Skin Gel~ provides daily treatment for acne, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, a concentrated antibacterial, anti-inflammatory formula

Moisture and Sunscreen

The sun’s rays can cause just as much harm during the winter, especially where snow and ice are present as the UV rays reflect back on to your skin. Skiing and winter sports in particular expose your skin as the sun is at its most intense at altitude. The cold environment cools our skin, preventing the sensation of heat which usually warns us our skin is getting burnt.  Choose a daily moisturiser with SPF15 or higher. Your moisturiser should be enriched with ingredients that can protect your skin against weathering, providing a protective layer that also help your skin to retain moisture.

We recommend – Hyaluronic Active Collagen Boosting Hydrating Cream – harnessing the hydrating power of hyaluronic acid providing a daily defense against harmful effects of UV rays

Enhance & Protect - guards against the elements this multi-action lightweight cream is perfect for winter sports as it doesn’t run into your eyes when you sweat and has SPF30 UVAPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen


During winter its equally important to maintain as hydrated as in the summer, yet not so tempting. Choosing herbal infusions or a simple drink of lemon and hot water will not only be warming but its cleansing and hydrating for your skin too.