Why you should be aware of "quick fixes" in skincare

We see so often that a new wonder preparation is available – claiming instant results. Sadly, for so many the results of these quick fix ‘miracles’ are not only ineffectual but also can create long term problems.

Your skin is living tissue so consequently cannot change too fast. In particular the delicate eye area needs a constant veil of moisture, therefore quick fixes that attempt to tighten thus drying this precious skin, asking you to avoid replenishing moisturisers and moisture based foundations, cause irritations, redness and more sagging.

Paper-thin crepey skin is one of the most common skin concerns we are asked about. It is a sign of ageing that is always preferable to try to prevent, however, because it has so many different causes and can occur not only around the eyes but all over the body, by talking to a Regentiv Advisor we can help both with prevention as well as improving and enhancing the firmness, texture and quality of your skin.

Sun damage is always a culprit but pollution, smoking and rapid weight loss all contribute too. Along with Hormonal changes that occur before the menopause that cause a decline in the production of collagen and elastin, adding to the problem.

Day to day nurturing and continuity are the key to great looking skin. Our caring Advisors can help you, giving personalised recommendations for how to use our successful preparations. We are passionate about ensuring you achieve the optimum results for your skin.