Cleansing made simple

There seems to be a lot of contradiction within the beauty industry as to what is the most important part of looking after your skin… it is really very simple. Cleansing your skin is potentially one of the most important steps of your skincare routine.
Makeup, sunscreen, daily grime and pollutants that are left on the skin can clog your pores, cause irritations and discoloration, turning into a breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to acne breakouts or just leave the skin looking dull and dingy. The rest of your skincare routine is, dare we say, useless without a clean canvas!

Ok, So you say that you know you have to clean your skin, however there is cleaning off the top layer of makeup, daily grime and pollutants and then there is deep cleansing, which will make a huge difference to your skin quality. Here comes the confusing part. Do you pick a cleanser that’s oil based, water based, liquid oil, wipes, cleansing bar, cleansing gel, foaming, non-foaming, medicated, simple… we could go on.

You need to make sure you’re using the right product for your skin. Simplicity and day-to-day continuity is our philosophy here at Regentiv and is key to fabulous skin.

Here is where we come to the rescue ………. With just 3 preparations to choose from you can ensure you have your first step to the right regime. Double cleansing ensures every last vestige of make up, dirt, grime and pollutants are removed and this can be achieved with these 3 simple steps.

Simple step 1. GENTLE CLEANSER and Eye Make-Up Remover with pure vitamin E - it is a delight to use and is suitable for all skin types. This delicate creamy cleanser is rich in Vitamin E, one of nature’s essential anti-ageing vitamins, oxygenating the most dehydrated, sensitive and problematic skins, allowing your skin to breathe by removing all traces of face & eye make-up, daily impurities and environmental pollutants that suffocate the skin's natural function.
Massage onto dry skin over your face and neck, finishing over your eye area – remove either with a tissue or a damp cotton pad – the choice is yours – then do it again – yes, a second cleanse is essential as most make ups and sunscreeners nowadays are formulated for staying power .
After thoroughly cleansing don’t worry about any residue of your first step cleanser- that will be beautifully dealt with with……

Simple Step 2.
SUPER CLEAN LOTION is as its name implies, a super way of ensuring truly superb, deep cleansing. This high performance lotion has a deep cleansing action lifting away impurities, surplus oil and dead skin cells.
For Night time cleansing ~ Super Clean is perfect to use after The Gentle Cleanser, working as a superb secondary deep cleanse - lifting away ingrained impurities, surplus oil and dead skin cells. You will not believe the difference –you only have to look and see what’s on the cotton pad.
Enriched with natures essential plant extracts - Sesame seed oil, Tea tree, rose, cypress and vitamin C. These natural anti-oxidants are highly regarded for their purifying, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities It is also ideal as a single step cleanser for those who wear little or no make-up to remove excess oils, daily impurities and environmental pollutants.
For Morning Cleansing ~ simply wipe over the face, neck and décolleté for vitalizing wake up call for your skin. Simplicity itself.

Simple Step 3.
Do you love the feel of water on your skin- this is the most enjoyable and effective way of showering with our DEEP CLEANSING FACE AND BODY WASH
Gently exfoliates and dislodges congested pores and dead skin cells. The smooth, natural grains disperse as you cleanse releasing the aromatic peppermint to invigorate tired skin. It can be used from head to toe, helping to reduce sebaceous secretions of the face, chest and back, which lead to blocked and unsightly darkened pores (blackheads). The smooth particles disperse and are therefore, environmentally friendly and non aggressive to the skin, stimulating sluggish skin cells leaving the skin glowing, healthy and toned.
What more perfect way to start or end the day
We are confident we have the most effect preparations to give you a gorgeous ‘blank canvas’, ensuring the rest of your skin care regime works beautifully.
Remember, our philosophy for perfect skin care is..  Simplicity and Continuity.

We are always here to help and advise you.