Alleviate Blocked Open Pores & Oily Skin Regime


Specifically targets pore blocking impurities, blackheads, blemishes and excess sebaceous secretions.

Encourages a fresh, healthy and luminous complexion

Included Preparations: Gentle Cleanser (200ml) Deep Cleansing Face and Body Wash (200ml) Super Clean (200ml) Clarifying and Exfoliating Mask (50ml) The Specialist Serum (50ml)

normally: £128.75 saves £29.75

How to use

Our skin care regimes are sent to you along with an easy to use guide explaining how and when to use.

The recommended order for application is ~ Gentle Cleanser & Eye Make-up remover, Deep Cleansing Face & Body Wash, Super Clean, The Specialist Serum. Use Clarifying & Exfoliating Mask 1-2 times weekly

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