Charlotte Day ~ Why I love Regentiv

Winter: Not our skin’s most favorable months thanks to sub zero temperatures, horrible winds, the constant blowing of a runny nose and let’s not forget central heating. We tend to accept dehydrated skin, spots and the overall appearance of a dull complexion to be a seasonal inconvenience and something we must deal with before those warm summer months waves its magic wand and gives us all tanned glowing skin. Well, I am here to tell you that one woman has said no. Enough is enough. Skin should be radiant, youthful,healthy and blemish free all year round…and so Regentiv was born.

Elaine Thornhill, Skin Specialist, D.R.T.V.R, F.B.I.A.E is referred to by many as a fairy godmother, I prefer to call her Queen Elaine, the woman behind Regentiv, beauties best kept secret. I met Elaine on Harley Street when I was eighteen years old, since then she is my go to woman for everything skin related. I don’t know how many texts and late night phone calls I have made to her asking, what do I do?! My hormones are out of control, what is this?! It is six years on, I am twenty four and have never been let down by Elaine or Regentiv. I love getting compliments on my skin and having people ask me what products I use. I want you to be able to say the same, so lets take a step into the world of Regentiv and find out why this is a beauty hero.

The harmony of science and nature is the back bone of these products. The main thing you need to know is that Regentiv can be used by any one of any age and any skin type, even people with very sensitive skin, like me, as each product has been developed with hypoallergenic formulae that builds healthy skin step by step. I like to be aware of what I put on my skin, so, I love knowing that all ingredients used are naturally derived and not tested upon animals, no parabens or raw materials are used and because they manufacture their preparations they know exactly what is in them.

There are so many products to choose from, selecting the rights ones for you and your needs is important, so they offer a bespoke and personalised service to help you look younger longer and get that dream skin you have always wanted-I mean if that doesn’t sound divine to you, then I don’t know what does! At first glance, however, it can be overwhelming, there is so much choice, from specialist serums, to cleansers and toners, to peels, acne prone skin, anti-ageing serums, looking after your décolleté, day creams, night creams, eyes and body care! And….breathe! So, to hopefully make it a little easier I am going to tell you what I use.

As I said earlier I have very sensitive combination skin with the occasional hormonal outbreak and I am guilty of a seldom sun bed…not the best thing for your skin. Shhh don’t tell Elaine! I use three Regentiv products which have ensured that my outbreaks stay occasional and my skin stays luminous!
SUPER CLEAN LOTION – The prep for my final step. After cleansing, pat your face dry, pour the rose scented cleanser onto a cotton wool pad and wipe all over your face and neck area. Tea tree, cypress and sesame seed oil are just a few of the natural ingredients in this bottle, all are anti-oxidant, antibacterial and anti inflammatory.

THE SPECIALIST SERUM – My final step. Empty one pump of the serum onto the finger tips and apply all over your face including the eyes and neck. No need to massage it in, the serum will soak into the skin in a few minutes. It is your choice whether applying a further moisturiser is necessary for you. Secret Tip: mix this with your foundation, concealer or tinted moisturiser on application-you can thank me later.
Ingredients: Retinol Palmitate: stimulates cell turn over ✓
Pure Vitamin E: minimises the suns ageing affect ✓
Natural concentrated Aloe Vera: something no skin should be without ✓

CALMING & DESENSITISING GEL I use this whenever I feel my skin is irritated, wether that be from clothing, make up, shaving irritation, waxing, sun burn, insect bites-you name it, this gel will calm it and actually in a lot of cases it has provided a long term answer. What is not to love?

**This post is not sponsored, all views are honest and my own**