How anti-oxidants benefit the skin

If you’ve heard about anti oxidants and free radicals but aren’t sure exactly what they are then you are not alone. Skincare jargon can be confusing to say the least, we hope this will help.

• Free Radicals- are unstable molecules that seek cells to sustain themselves, in doing so, they cause destruction to our skin cells.

• Where Free Radicals come from - Pollution, UV rays, chemical exposure, cigarette smoke, stress, poor nutrition, alcohol consumption

• Antioxidants - inhibit free radicals, preventing their attachment to skin cells. Our skin does have some of it’s own anti-oxidant protection however this depletes with the passing of time.

• Applying anti-oxidants topically through skincare - can repair damage and protect from future free radical damage. Vitamin C is a great example offering powerful antioxidant protection. When applied daily it stimulates collagen production, increases the efficacy of sunscreen, improves the skin’s healing process, reduces inflammation and helps combat sun damage and pigmentation.

For the most effective free radical protection we recommend combining Vitamin C and E. Combining the two gives more effective results than either vitamin alone. Look out for asorbic acid and tocopherol acetate on ingredient (INCI) lists.

Using these as part of your morning and evening skin care routine will help fight UV rays and pollution throughout the daytime, and at night repair any damage caused during the day and stimulate your skins own anti-oxidants. Think morning -prevent and night- repair.

Our specialist skincare has been expertly formulated with Anti-Pollution Protection for All-Year Skin Health.