Helping your Teen with Acne

It seems that just when appearance starts to become so important, spots and pimples begin to appear. Teenage acne can dramatically lower your teens self-esteem at a time when there are enough emotional burdens in their lives already.

The good news is, you can help. Acne is primarily driven by hormonal changes that trigger an increase in the production of sebum. By helping your teenager set new hygiene routines and introducing a targeted skincare regime, spots and acne can be managed.

The key aims are – Controlling Sebum – Stimulating Cell Regeneration – Reducing Bacteria – Treating Inflammation – Preventing Scarring

An example of a recommend regime is 

  1. Clarifying Cleansing Gel with Salicylic acid is gentle to use both morning and evening to unclog blocked pores and control sebum production.

If make-up removal is required Gentle Cleanser & Eye-Make up remover is recommended before washing with Clarifying Cleansing Gel

  1. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory treatments to diminishes redness, aid skin healing and control breakouts. Problematic Skin Lotion & Problematic Skin Gel help reduce the bacteria’s ability to thrive and proliferate and should be used both morning and evening.
  1. Gently stimulating cell regeneration will reduce hyperkeratinisation (skin cells that do not shed properly on their own creating a build-up that traps oil and bacteria). The Specialist Serum combines Retinyl Palmitate, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to gently increase cell turnover, oxygenate and encourage skin healing to prevent damage and scarring.

We can help guide you through a daily routine that is specific to your teenager’s skin and provide easy to follow, tailored steps showing what to use and how and when to use it.  For further advice and help please do get in touch.