Is Fragrance a good fit for skincare?

For those that suffer with problematic or easily irritated skin a fragrance-free skincare routine can seem like a no brainer. However, there are two types of fragrance, synthetic and natural. Synthetic fragrance is developed in a lab and natural fragrances originate from their natural sources such as plants, herbs or fruits. But which is best? 

If you suffer with allergies then natural fragrance seems the obvious option. But why are fragrances added to skincare products and do they serve any purpose?

Some of us find a product with a scent more appealing to use and for the majority a light fragrance is no problem and adds to the sensory experience of applying a product. 

Fragrance is sometimes used to mask the smell of a particular ingredient, especially as some important raw materials just don't smell great. Natural fragrances tend to be included as part of the formula. Take Camphor and peppermint for example, these ingredients serve a working purpose and are likely included within products for blocked pores. 

Unless an expert has advised you to avoid scented products or you've had a previous reaction then there is no need to avoid them completely. However we would advise to check the ingredient listing and choose products where any fragrance (parfum) is low on the list. As skincare specialists, we opt for natural fragrances and only ever use parfum sparingly if absolutely neccesary.

If you aren't sure then try a small patch test behind your ear for a few days and see how your skin reacts. We can help you with regards to ingredient combinations and patch test samples should you require so please do get in touch.