Maximise your moisturiser benefits

Applying a moisturiser is an essential step in any beauty routine to keep your skin happy and healthy. Here are 6 tips to help you maximise your moisturisers benefits, from how you apply it to what you can mix it with.

1. Try resisting the urge to towel dry your skin, both on the face and body. Instead go straight to applying your leave on products to a damp skin. This traps and seals in the moisture. You will really notice the difference in a matter of days.

2. When choosing your moisturiser look for one containing humectants such as Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin. Humectants draw moisture into the skin and add hydration without feeling heavy. Check out our Hyaluronic Active Collagen Boosting Hydrating Cream.

3. Apply your night cream as a hydration mask once a week. Gently exfoliate first and then apply a thicker layer, leaving it plenty of time to absorb. This is particularly useful in colder months when the skin tends to be drier. Also, especially good for treating chapped tips. We love High Potency Collagen Night Cream.

4. If you want a lighter make-up, mix a little of your foundation with your moisturiser. This can also work well with liquid highlighters.

5. To treat dry, cracked skin on the feet. Apply a rich layer of body cream followed by cotton socks before going to bed. Oxygenating Protecting Body Moisturiser is perfect for this as it gives a rich source of hydration.

6. Don't stop at your jawline. Unless you are using a dedicated neck cream you should always take your moisturiser down onto you neck and chest. These areas have fewer oil glands and being more delicate are therefore more vulnerable to dryness.