Is it ever OK to squeeze spots?

Spots always seem to turn up when you least want them to, and sadly for some, it is a regular and frustrating occurence. As tempting as it is to pop and squeeze you could ultimately be causing more damage, however it is understandable to want to "help them on their way" so to make sure you aren't going to make matters worse or cause scarring here's a quick guide.

If the spot has a visible white or blackhead then you'll probably be itching to extract it, the right way;

1. Wash your hands and cleanse the area thoroughly

2. Wrap a piece of tissue around your fingertips and gently squeeze from either side. Do not use your nails as this will create tearing, redness and damage to the skin. 

3. Apply Problematic Skin Lotion liberally to the area to allow its antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties to do their thing.

If the spot looks like a red lump without a head and is sat underneath the skins surface then it is not suitable for extraction and you will do far more damage by squeezing it. These types of pustules comprise of bacteria, dirt and oils therefore squeezing them transfers the bacteria to the surrounding pores. 

Instead use a gentle exfoliating mask. Clarifying Exfoliating Mask works to gently lift away surface dead skin cells that could be blocking the pustule. 

Apply Problematic Skin Lotion to reduce redness and take advantage of it's anti-bacterial properties. 

The Specialist Serum with retinol is also an integral part of treating acne skins to oxygenate the skin and stimulate cellular renewal. This is also a great skin healer and helps treat and prevent scarring. 

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