Skincare Mistakes to avoid

If you've been committing any of these please don't worry! We have been guilty of some of these too and with a few small changes you can improve your skin significantly.
● You've heard it before but that's because it's true. You should never go to bed without cleansing. Whether you are wearing make-up or not, the build-up of daily dirt, oils, make-up, pollution all needs to be removed and the end of the day to prevent blocked pores, dullness and so that your skin can carry out its natural night time repair. 
● Not cleaning your phone and make-up brushes. Recent studies revealed that our phones are ten times dirtier than our toilet seats! Our phones go everywhere with us, handbags, the kitchen, sometimes even the toilet and what our hands touch, our phones collect so make sure you regularly wipe it over with a phone friendly disinfecting wipe so as not to transfer bacteria to your face. 
Likewise, our make-up brushes harbour oils and bacteria and we should clean them weekly. Super Clean Lotion is a fantastic and quick way to properly clean your brushes. 
● Ignoring the signs of dehydration. If your skin begins to feel tight, itchy and looks dull and depleted revisit your skincare routine to determine the swaps that are needed to get your skin back on track. Whilst drinking more water will help you also need to hydrate your skin topically. Lines and crepey skin are always more apparent on a dehydrated skin so by introducing a layering routine with a serum and hyaluronic acid moisturiser applied to a wet skin you can enjoy comfortable, nourished, radiant skin again. 
● Dragging your skin - rubbing and dragging your skin puts stress upon it and can create damage making it loose elasticity. Always treat your skin with care and use your ring finger to apply product around your eyes where the skin is more delicate as it naturally applies the least pressure.
● We couldn't make a list without including SPF. We are exposed to UV every day, in the car, sitting by windows, walking the dog. Apply your sunscreen daily to all exposed areas, face, neck, hands
If you would like personalised skincare advice or want to check "how-to" please get in touch. With our very best wishes Karina, Graham, Adele and all at Regentiv Xxx