Getting your skin ready for bed

Have you ever wondered why you need a different skincare routine at night time to the one in the morning? 

This is because your skin is far more relaxed whilst you are sleeping and therefore it is more receptive to rehydration and repair. It also regenerates more efficiently so the ingredients within your skincare products at night time need to support these important functions. 

The first steps are to get your skin properly clean. Removing all make-up and daily dirt and oils that are sitting on the skin. We recommend Gentle Cleanser & Eye Make-up remover, twice. Follow with Super Clean Lotion for super efficient cleansing. 

Next, apply Precious Eye Cream gently using your ring finger so as not to drag the skin. 

Your Serum is the next stage.

Don't forget about your neck, decollete and bust. We always recommend applying the neck cream to the upper arms too as it fabulous for firming and crepey skin.

Lastly, night cream,  High Potency Collagen Night Cream or Oxygenating Night Cream. Always apply a generous amount over the lip area and massage in to help plumpness.