Treating acne on the shoulders and back

The shoulders and back are one of the most common areas to suffer with Acne. Spots and pustules develop in these areas for various reasons and understanding what encourages their appearance helps to make treatment more successful.

Acne Mechanica: is a common type of acne and is caused by friction from tight clothing, bag straps and sportswear, for some it can appear seasonally. 

Acne Vulgaris: is a hormonal form of acne and is apparent when the skin produces too much sebum. The sebaceous glands secrete oils which carry dead skin cells to the surface of the skin, sometimes they can form a plug within the hair follicle which traps bacteria and results in a pustule.

Like acne on the face, there can be a variety of lifestyle causes too such as stress or medication. Because these areas are often covered by clothing, they are also susceptible to heat, friction and sweat build up.

The good news is shoulder and back acne responds really well to treatment. Following a regular skincare regime using our Problematic range combined with lifestyle tips we can help you to enjoy positive results.

Always get out of gym clothes and shower right after exercise. Sweat, dirt and bacteria can get trapped in tight fitting clothing which is not good if sitting on the skin.  In warmer weather aim to wear light, loose fabrics, tie long hair back and expose the skin to fresh air as often as possible.

Cleanse the areas every day with an antibacterial wash and exfoliate regularly to remove pore blocking impurities.  Use a length of cloth or specific back washing tool to cover hard to reach areas, making sure to clean it frequently.

Don’t pick, this will only worsen their appearance and can lead to spread, infection and scarring.

 Use a light, non-comedogenic sunscreen.

 If you would like personalised advice, we are dedicated to helping you feel happy and confident with your skin so please do get in touch.