How to treat bumpy upper arms

If you have ever suffered with small bumps that sit close together on the upper arms, then you are not alone. Keratosis Pilaris is a common skin condition that affects the upper arms and sometimes the thighs and bottom.

It is caused by a build-up of the skin protein Keratin which can plug the hair follicle creating a small lump. Although annoying, the good news is its harmless and can usually be improved, sometimes disappearing on its own.

Here are some things that you can do to help -

  • Regular and gentle exfoliation will both remove dry, dead skin cells that block the follicles and stimulate the cell renewal process.
  •   Use mild, un-perfumed washes and bathing products.
  •   Make sure baths and showers aren’t too hot, pat your skin dry gently instead of rubbing.
  •   Moisturise the areas thoroughly and regularly. Look out for creams with natural emollients such as Shea butter and Jojoba.

We recommend a routine using Deep Cleansing Face & Body Wash, Invigorating Exfoliant and Oxygenating Protecting Body Moisturiser.

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