Should you cleanse in the morning?

This question often throws up varying advice and whilst some feel that a morning cleanse is not necessary it is just as important as your evening cleanse.

Because your skin renews itself at night you will have more dead skin cells to slough off in the morning along with oils that have risen to the surface of the skin during the night, which water alone can’t remove.

Our cleansing range has options to suit all skin types for your morning routine, we are always happy to advise you so that you can be sure that you are choosing the right one for your skin.

The type of cleanser that you choose is such a personal choice and you should be guided by what your skin needs. For some, a wipe over with a cleansing lotion via cotton pads will be efficient, either our Super Clean Lotion or Regenerative AHA Lotion are excellent first thing in the morning. Or if your skin has a tendency to become blocked or you suffer with pimples and blackheads then our Deep Cleansing Wash with tiny natural grains will gently ease away dead skin cells leaving the pores clear, fresh and ready to absorb all your lovely products.