Age Defying Hand Cream - 100ml


A nourishing, anti-ageing and preventative treatment for the hands. Specifically formulated with:

  • SHEA BUTTER to smooth dry skin and replenish its protective moisture barrier
  • NATURAL PLANT EXTRACTs to brighten and even skin tone and help reduce problem pigmentation, including age spots and freckles
  • SPF 20 to provide daily protection from ageing UVA and UVB rays

Apply twice a day, or as often as needed, to preserve supple, youthful and velvety-soft skin.

How to use

Apply a minimum of twice a day to preserve youthful, velvety-soft, supple skin quality and to provide a protective barrier.

Take a moment to massage into the cuticles, to encourage healthier, stronger nails.

As a remedial treatment to brighten skin and fade age spots, restoring an even, rejuvenated skin tone, Initially apply three times a day.

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