Deep Cleansing Face & Body Wash 200ml


An invigorating face and body wash to exfoliate, deep cleanse and smoothe the skin.

  • NATURAL GRAINS exfoliate and unblock congested pores, stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells; environmentally-friendly and non-toxic  
  • Peppermint oil revives and invigorates tired and dull skin

Use from head-to-toe for glowing results.

How to use

Facial Cleansing- apply in a circular motion to wet skin. Ensure that the areas are thoroughly rinsed after a therapeutic lathering has been obtained.

For acne and to optimise effectiveness, use on dry skin paying particular attention to problem areas, i.e. spots, blocked pores, dry and coarse skin. Thorough rinsing off is essential, therefore ideally use when showering.

Use morning, evening and any time during the day when cleansing is necessary.

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