Finding the perfect regime for your skin and your lifestyle.

Since your daily habits have a big impact on your skin it makes sense to organise your regime to fit your lifestyle. Regentiv’s philosophy is that simplicity and day-to-day continuity is key to fabulous skin,  therefore it’s important that your routine works for you and is one that you will have time to carry out every day. 

Your skincare regime doesn’t need to contain lots of products, be complicated or time consuming. Every skin is unique and what works for someone else won’t necessarily fit with you. When we understand what makes our skin special it allows us to treat it well and enjoy our own natural radiance.

The Regentiv preparations have been formulated to multi-task which means that you may need less steps to give your skin what it needs.

For example our Serums are formulated for use over the entire, face, neck and eye area to allow you to enjoy the optimum results without irritation and our Gentle Cleanser removes all traces of make-up saving the need for a separate eye make-up remover.

Our recommended regimes have been designed to help guide you with easy to follow steps, how best to apply the products. However if you would like individual skincare guidance we are available to help you via live chat, email or telephone to help you find the perfect routine for your skin.

Here’s a few of our most loved daily regimes~

  • For Ageless Beauty ~ Enhance and maintain a healthy, youthful glow with a simple yet effective 4 step routine
  • Problematic and Acne Skin ~ If you are suffering with mild to more acute acne this regime targets, treats and significantly improves the look and feel of your skin.