How to carry out an effective skin sensitivity test

If you suffer with a reactive or a sensitive skin then trying new products can be challenging. Patch testing is a good indicator for any potential problems.

There are two ways that a product can irritate your skin. The first happens quickly, usually within hours of exposure. The second takes repeated exposure to a product and about 4 days to develop.

We formulated the Regentiv preparations with hypersensitivity in mind. We know that many a skin cannot tolerate heavy perfumes and, as they serve no purpose to the skin we avoid their use. Instead, we prefer to allow the natural and delicate scents of the plant or fruit extracts within to fragrance. 

You can see the full INCI (ingredient list) of each preparation on the ingredients tab of each products website page to make it easier for you if you need to avoid specific ingredients, we are also happy to advise you if you need further help.

If you want to carry out a patch test then apply a small amount of the preparation to either (or both) the crook of your arm or behind the ear.

Wait 24 hours, repeat this process over the course of 3-4 days if you need a more thorough test. If you don't experience a reaction then you can consider it safe and go ahead and start using it.

Skin purging can also easily be confused with a reaction. If you are unsure, skin purging can happen when you are using a product with active ingredients that are there to do a specific job. This can sometimes be the case with retinol as it speeds up cellular renewal, the end goal being to reveal fresh new skin cells and a clearer looking skin and although annoying, it is a good indication that a product is working. The good news is this doesn't last long and the results are worth it.