The difference between skin purging and a reaction

Why does skin sometimes get worse before it gets better?

Sometimes the very products and ingredients that are there to help you treat a problem can make you breakout, but why is this and should you stop using them?

Purging can easily get confused with a reaction.  To know the difference a reaction can typically take a week or so to appear whereas Purging usually happens after a day or so and disappears quickly. How does it look? Acne bumps or small whiteheads under the surface are most likely purging whereas anything resembling an irritated rash or inflammation that is uncomfortable may be a reaction.

Skin purging is annoying however it is a good indication that the product you are using is working. This can be the case with retinol as it speeds up cellular renewal, the end goal being to reveal fresh new skin cells and a clearer looking skin.

Chances are if you have a problematic skin then a breakout is already brewing underneath the surface so by speeding up the renewal process it may unveil sooner. 

The good news is that this purging process never usually lasts very long and once the active ingredients have worked their way through the results are there to be seen in a clearer, brighter and rejuvenated complexion so it is wise to continue using them. 

If you need any advice why not get in touch with one of our advisors who will be able to help you and may recommend ways to ease you through this process. 

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