Morning Vs Night time skincare

Do you need different skincare products for day and night time?

The truth is, our skin has different needs both in the morning and at night. Here's why...


Whether you know it or not, your skin battles the effects of damaging free radicals during the day. You are heading out into a harsh world as far as your skin is concerned and to keep it strong and healthy your morning skincare needs to keep your skin flexible, give an anti-oxidant boost and protect it from damage caused by UV light and pollution. 

Cleansing ~ removing perspiration, oils and dead skin cells that have risen to the surface during the night, which water alone cannot do, will give you the perfect canvas for all your "leave on" products to absorb properly and work efficiently. A wash or a lotion is a perfect choice for a refreshing morning cleanse. See Deep Cleansing Face & Body Wash or Super Clean Lotion.

Serum ~ serums should be used both in the morning and evening for optimum results. Our serums have been formulated to be used twice daily over the face, neck and eye area and carry active ingredients such as anti-oxidants to a deeper level helping to keep you looking radiant and youthful for years to come.

Eye Cream ~ applying eye and lip cream during the daytime keeps the delicate skin in these areas hydrated and dewy soft, helping to prevent dryness appearing throughout the day that can result in make-up settling into creases. Precious Eye Cream is great for the delicate skin of both the eyes and lips.

Day Cream ~ day creams function differently to night creams so by using a separate day cream your skin can benefit from a different set of ingredients. Our day creams contain unique formulas with UVA/UVB protection and antioxidant properties that help alleviate the effects of daily environmental stress upon your skin. 

Sunscreen ~ UV rays are present even on a cloudy day and can reach your skin through windows too. How our skin ages is highly linked to sun exposure so it is important to keep your skin protected every day, especially if you do spend time outside or driving. For full body protection, including the hands see our SPF skincare.

Night time

Whilst we are sleeping our skin is far more receptive to rehydration and repair. It also regenerates more efficiently so the ingredients within your skincare at night time need to support these important functions. 

Cleansing ~ removing your make-up, daily dirt and oils that are sitting on the skin will prepare it so that it is ready to absorb all your lovely products. We recommend cleansing twice, the first removes surface impurities, the second ensures thoroughly clean skin. Take a look at Gentle Cleanser & Eye Make-up remover for your first cleanse.

Serum ~ Our skin does most of it's work at night time so your serum gives it fabulous ingredients to work with. 

Night Cream ~ Using a dedicated night cream will feed your skin the ingredients that it needs to help strengthen and repair, replenishing moisture and regenerating collagen to combat dryness, fatigue and premature ageing. 

Hands~ our hands get dried out throughout the day with exposure to everything and regular washing. Night time gives us the chance to undo some of the damage so before you go to bed slather on a rich layer and don't forget to massage into the cuticles to encourage healthier nail growth too. See Age Defying Hand Cream